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Thank you for purchasing the Speaking Bible Software Package.
Please bookmark this page immediately in case you lose your connection.
Save all downloaded files to the same folder as they are linked together and must be in the same folder to link properly.
There is a security setting in Windows for any downloaded .chm Help files.
If you are having trouble opening the file, or see "Navigation Cancelled" or some other Windows error, please see our troubleshooting information listed below.
The first file on the download list is the King James Reference software (kjv.chm). It is directly linked to all of the other files. Download and make a shortcut to the kjv.chm file to access the other software for best results. You do not have to download all of the files, just the ones you want to use. They will work independently of each other, as each software has its own menu. The kjv.chm is the master menu for all packages.
The Microsoft Speech Components listed below have to be installed for the Speaking Bibles to work.

King James Reference Suite
Software Name Click and "Save" to Download
King James Reference Bible
Easton Bible Dictionary
Nave Topical Index
Smith's Bible Dictionary
Torrey's Topical Index
Matthew Henry Commentary
Bible Illustrations
KJV Copy and Paste Bible
Bible Maps
kjv.chm - 8.5 MB
easton.chm - 1.8 MB
nave.chm - 1.7 MB
smith.chm - 3.3 MB
torrey.chm - 0.7 MB
henry.chm - 0.7 MB
kjvimages.chm - 44.3 MB
kjvcopy.chm - 3.0 MB
maps.chm - 1.9 MB


Bible Study Software
Software Name Click and "Save" to Download
New Testament KJV With Strong's Dictionary
Old Testament KJV With Strong's Dictionary
Parallel Hebrew Old Testament
Parallel Greek New Testament
King James Sacred Name Bible
The Book of Jasher
Complete Works of Josephus
Foxe's Book of Martyrs
Pilgrim's Progress
Spurgeon's Morning and Evening
kjvstrongsNT.chm - 6.8 MB
kjvstrongsOT.chm - 9.5 MB
hebrewparallel.chm - 24.5 MB
greekparallel.chm - 8.3 MB
sacrednm.chm - 4.2 MB
jasher.chm - 0.8 MB
josephus.chm - 3.2 MB
martyrs.chm - 0.8 MB
pilgrims.chm - 1.7 MB
morning.chm - 1.1 MB


The Speaking Bible
Software Name Click and "Save" to Download
King James Version (Peedy)
King James Version (Voice Only)
King James Large Print (Peedy)
King James Large Print (Voice Only)
American Standard Bible (Peedy)
American Standard Bible (Voice Only)
Bible in Basic English (Peedy)
Bible in Basic English (Voice Only)
Darby's English Translation (Peedy)
Darby's English Translation (Voice Only)
Douay Rheims Bible (Peedy)
Douay Rheims Bible (Voice Only)
Noah Webster Bible (Peedy)
Noah Webster Bible (Voice Only)
Weymouth New Testament (Peedy)
Weymouth New Testament (Voice Only)
World English Bible (Peedy)
World English Bible (Voice Only)
Young's Literal Translation (Peedy)
Young's Literal Translation (Voice Only)
The Book of Jasher (Peedy)
The Book of Jasher (Voice Only)
kjvtalk.chm - 4.9 MB
kjvtalkvo.chm - 4.9 MB
kjvtalklarge.chm - 4.9 MB
kjvtalklargevo.chm - 4.9 MB
asvtalk.chm - 4.9 MB
asvtalkvo.chm - 4.9 MB
basic_englishtalk.chm - 4.7 MB
basic_englishtalkvo.chm - 4.7 MB
darbytalk.chm - 5.0 MB
darbytalkvo.chm - 4.9 MB
douaytalk.chm - 5.5 MB
douaytalkvo.chm - 5.4 MB
webstertalk.chm - 4.8 MB
webstertalkvo.chm - 4.7 MB
weymouthtalk.chm - 1.4 MB
weymouthtalkvo.chm - 1.3 MB
webtalk.chm - 4.8 MB
webtalkvo.chm - 4.7 MB
ylttalk.chm - 5.0 MB
ylttalkvo.chm - 4.9 MB
jashertalk.chm - 1.1 MB
jashertalkvo.chm - 1.1 MB


Microsoft "MS Agent" Speech Components

The Microsoft MS Agent Speech components have to be installed on your computer for the Speaking Bibles to work.
Click to download, then "Run" (not Save) to install.

Language Component Description Click and "Run" to Install
All Languages MS Agent Core Component MSagent.exe
392 KB
SAPI 4.0a Runtime Binaries spchapi.exe
825 KB
MS Agent Character "Peedy" Peedy.exe
3,325 KB
MS Agent Character "Merlin" Merlin.exe
1,830 KB
MS Agent Character "Robby" Robby.exe
2,175 KB
American English American English Text to Speech Engine tv_enua.exe
998 KB
Dutch Dutch Text to Speech Engine lhttsdun.exe
2,649 KB
Dutch Additional Core Component AgtX0413.exe
129 KB
French French Text to Speech Engine lhttsfrf.exe
2,300 KB
French Additional Core Component AgtX040C.exe
129 KB
German German Text to Speech Engine lhttsged.exe
2,243 KB
German Additional Core Component AgtX0407.exe
129 KB
Italian Italian Text to Speech Engine lhttsiti.exe
2,024 KB
Italian Additional Core Component AgtX0410.exe
129 KB
Portuguese (Brazil) Portuguese (Brazil) Text to Speech Engine lhttsptb.exe
2,456 KB
Portuguese (Brazil) Additional Core Component AgtX0416.exe
129 KB
Spanish Spanish Text to Speech Engine lhttsspe.exe
2,422 KB
Spanish MS Additional Component AgtX0C0A.exe
129 KB


Learn A Language
Have the Bible read to you in two languages.
This requires the MS Agent Speech Components.
Software Name Click and "Save" to Download
English-Portuguese (Brazil)
english-dutchtalk.chm - 10.0 MB
english-frenchtalk.chm - 10.0 MB
english-germantalk.chm - 10.0 MB
english-italiantalk.chm - 10.0 MB
english-portuguesetalk.chm - 10.0 MB
english-spanishtalk.chm - 10.0 MB


Other Bible Versions
Software Name Click and "Save" to Download
King James Apocrypha
Large Print King James Bible
American Standard Bible
Bible in Basic English
Darby Bible
Douay Rheims Bible
Hebrew Old Testament
Latin Vulgate Bible
Noah Webster Bible
Weymouth New Testament
World English Bible
Young's Literal Bible
kjvapocrypha.chm - 0.6 MB
kjvlarge.chm - 3.1 MB
asv.chm - 3.0 MB
basic_english.chm - 2.9 MB
darby.chm - 3.0 MB
douay.chm - 3.4 MB
hebrewOT.chm - 1.2 MB
vulgate.chm - 3.6 MB
webster.chm - 3.0 MB
weymouth.chm - 0.9 MB
web.chm - 3.0 MB
young.chm - 3.0 MB


Foreign Language Bibles
Software Name Click and "Save" to Download
Afrikaans Bible
Albanian Bible
Cebuano Bible
Chinese (Big 5) Bible
Chinese (GB) Bible
Dutch Bible
French Bible
Gaelic (Manx) Bible
Gaelic (Scots) Bible
German Bible
Haitian Creole Bible
Hungarian Bible
Italian Bible
Korean Bible
Latvian Bible
Maori Bible
Modern Greek Bible
Portuguese Bible
Rumanian Bible
Russian 1251 Bible
Russian KO18-R Bible
Spanish Bible
Swahili Bible
Swedish Bible
Tagalog Bible
Thai Bible
Ukrainian Bible
Uma New Testament Bible
Vietnamese UTF-8 Bible
Vietnamese VNI Bible
afrikaans.chm - 3.1 MB
albanian.chm - 3.3 MB
cebuano.chm - 3.4 MB
chinese_big5.chm - 2.0 MB
chinese_gb.chm - 2.1 MB
dutch.chm - 3.2 MB
french.chm - 3.2 MB
gaelic_manx.chm - 0.3 MB
gaelic_scots.chm - 0.1 MB
german.chm - 3.1 MB
haitian_creole.chm - 3.1 MB
hungarian.chm - 3.3 MB
italian.chm - 3.6 MB
korean.chm - 2.1 MB
latvian.chm - 0.8 MB
maori.chm - 2.9 MB
modern_greek.chm - 3.3 MB
portuguese.chm - 3.1 MB
rumanian.chm - 3.1 MB
russian1251.chm - 3.0 MB
russianko18-r.chm - 3.0 MB
spanish.chm - 3.0 MB
swahili.chm - 0.8 MB
swedish.chm - 3.3 MB
tagalog.chm - 0.1 MB
thai.chm - 1.7 MB
ukrainian.chm - 3.0 MB
uma.chm - 0.9 MB
vietnamese.chm - 3.1 MB
vietnamesevni.chm - 3.2 MB



Troubleshooting Information

"Navigation Cancelled Error, or Software will not open, or the software acts like it needs to access the internet


Iif you see one of these errors, such as "Navigation Cancelled", there is a security setting in Windows Service Pack 2 for any downloaded "Help" .chm file. Please see our directions below, and what other customers have found:


The Windows security patch affects files downloaded from the internet to your local computer, and prevents access. To fix it, go to Windows Explorer, right-click on the downloaded .chm file name and select Properties. At the bottom of the first tab (General) will be a button labeled Unblock. Click this button, and the .chm will work fine.

When you go to Windows Explorer, or to the folder on your desktop where you put the file, be sure to Right click on the file name (don't open the file, just right click on the file name).

Select Properties.

You will see an "unblock" button on the lower right that you will click.

Some people try to open the file first, then right click on the software - this will not work.

You have to right click on the file name to unblock.

We are sorry about this problem, but this is a security setting in Microsoft for any downloaded file.

Comments from our Customers

Comments: John,Thanks for your suggestion. I found the problem. Its a critical security update for XP SP2 that changes how windows handled some html help files.;en-us;902225

The above link describes the issues, but basically if you right-click on the .chm file, click properties, and click unblock, it will fix the problem. I am forwarding payment via PayPal back to you.Thanks again for all your help! Cheryl

Comments: My Brother I found the cause and, solution to the incorrect behaviour when trying to open the *.chm file. It stems from a security patch in sp1 which blocks opening the chm file contents. Please check out this link and pass it on to others who experience problems as I did. Also consider adding it as part of your product to minimize returning of the product. I used method 2...Ron

Comments: Thank you for your Technical Support by email. I got it opened now by:

1. Double-click the .chm file.

2. In the Open File-Security Warning dialog box, click to clear the Always ask before opening this file check box.

3. Click Open.

It is so simple that I cant understand I had problems with it. But thanks anyway!, Rina

Comments: Hello, regarding my message about failing to read the douaytalk.chm file, I have fixed it. I had to right click on the file and go to Properties, then Unblock the file since XP blocked it for security reasons.

Cannot Hear Speaking Bible
If you are having trouble with hearing the Speaking Bible, check your volume, speakers, and sound card, then try reinstalling the Microsoft Speech Components. Sometimes the order in which they are installed will prevent the Microsoft Agent from working properly. When you install the Microsoft components a second time, it will correct itself.

If you are still having problems, or need a refund, please contact us at:

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